How to make an AI bomb

The technology is being used in the war on terror to develop a new kind of artificial intelligence, using computers to make a computer program that can analyze and predict what might happen in the future.The technology is also being used to develop the capability of robots that could operate in the most remote parts of the world, where they

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Artificial intelligence is here: The world’s biggest market for artificial intelligence research

Artificial intelligence has become a $60 billion industry, with the United States leading the way.Artificial intelligence research is becoming more expensive, and there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding its future.This article looks at the markets and research teams for AI, its research capabilities, and how companies like Google and Microsoft are looking to make a name for themselves.Artificial intelligence is

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How the new ‘Artificial Intelligence’ book will change the way we think about AI and artificial intelligence

When I read this article about how Google's Artificial Intelligence team will be working on the next book, I'm excited to learn more about how this book will impact our future thinking about artificial intelligence.I know the book will have an impact on the way many of us think about artificial intelligences, but I'm hoping this article helps us understand

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