Which games are the best artificial intelligence and AI games?

This week's article on The Verge is brought to you by:Crazy Machines: Crazymaxx: http: // Crazynomics: http:/ Cracking the Code: http/ Deep Learning: http:-/www/cracking-the-code/ Cracking The Code on GitHub: http:\/www\ http : //www\\ (Crazylink) is an online hub for researchers and students exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence with machine learning.Cracking, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: http / Learning

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How to create a super-intelligent girlfriend

A woman who could be an artificial intelligence girlfriend for the entire world is about to go on a trip to the stars.The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI) has partnered with NASA to launch a supercomputer called AIRI-11 to explore and map the Milky Way Galaxy.The trip will take them to the far reaches of the universe, the Institute's director,

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IBM’s artificial intelligence antiviruses and security firm Rand are looking for a new client

IBM's Artificial Intelligence AV antivirus and security company Rand is looking for new clients after a software breach exposed data stolen from a company it owns.The company says it notified IBM of the breach on Monday and is offering "an unlimited payment of $200,000 to any one of the individuals or entities who have been compromised."The company's vice president of

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