Tech leaders in Silicon Valley say the tech industry has a “moral responsibility” to get its employees into the field of artificial intelligence.

The issue of AI, the technology that helps computers learn and understand the world, is a hot topic in Silicon Hill, with executives from companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, among others, talking about how it could create jobs.

On Tuesday, CEO of Google Larry Page spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

He said that the AI revolution is going to be a game changer, and he’s hopeful that it will result in more jobs for AI talent.

“We’re building an AI company, but we’re not building an IT company,” he said.

“We’re making a great product that we’re creating in partnership with AI companies that have the ability to take these concepts and apply them to a real world application.”

Google recently announced a $1 billion investment into AI startup DeepMind, which is developing an artificial intelligence system called Alexa.

It has also partnered with Amazon.AI and a group of other startups, such as the company Baidu.

DeepMind is a company that has developed a number of deep learning algorithms, which are the basis for Google’s own AI system.

These algorithms can learn from massive amounts of data and are designed to help robots and other intelligent machines in our daily lives.

Baidu’s AI system, dubbed DeepMind AI, is the basis of the search giant’s AI service.

It’s designed to provide people with real-time access to the results of all their searches, as well as the results from specific queries, and can help them find the information they’re looking for.

“What we’re seeing in this area is that the ability for AI to learn from vast amounts of information is a huge opportunity for the industry, for us as a company and as a society,” DeepMind CEO Niklas Nystrom told the Washington Post.

Nystrom has previously spoken out about AI’s potential to create new jobs, as he believes the technology could help companies like Google and Amazon to make money.

He told Business Insider that the technology will help businesses and people both in the US and globally.

“This is a really interesting problem, but it’s also a problem that’s going to have to be solved.

And if we don’t solve it, this will be a big problem for the world,” he added.

But the future of AI isn’t going to take hold overnight.

Many of the people who were hired to work on the Google DeepMind project say that the project was never supposed to be about AI.

“The AI project was not to create a singular AI system,” said Eric Schulze, a senior manager at Google Deepmind.

“AI was never going to create the singular AI that we know today.

The goal was to use AI to help build a better search experience, for a better social experience, to help us improve the quality of life, to improve health.”

But for many of those who have been hired to do the job, the future looks bright.

According to the Pew Research Center, Google Deep Mind was the second most influential company in the U.S. in terms of total revenue and total revenues by revenue, according to the Center for Data and Innovation.

And according to Business Insider, the project’s goal was $3 billion, and its goal was achieved.

Google’s goal to use artificial intelligence to help it make more money is important for many in the tech world.

AI technology is one of the main reasons Google is valued at $4.5 billion.

And Google Deep Brain has been able to create AI systems that are capable of building a variety of products for Google, including search and video search.

But it’s important to remember that, in addition to helping companies like Facebook and Amazon make money, the development of AI could also help the U to develop and implement a number better solutions to problems, like helping people to live better lives.

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