Artificial intelligence has come to dominate the lives of millions of people.

It is a tool that can make life easier and more convenient.

Google and its partners are building a wide range of products, from smartphones and smartwatches to cloud services and medical diagnostics.

But what is AI?

And is it as useful as the hype suggests?

Here are five reasons why artificial intelligence is an exciting new development.1.

It can do moreWith machine learning, it’s possible to understand more of what you see.

That’s because it’s the machine learning algorithm that builds the underlying knowledge.

It has access to the entire history of the world, including every image and video recorded by the camera, as well as every person and company that ever lived and worked there.

And it can do it in the cloud.

In a world where AI is already so central to almost everything we do, this will be particularly relevant for the workplace.

It’s not just that machines will know how to work with human beings and human-level knowledge; it will also be able to make decisions and make decisions on its own, making its own decisions.2.

It will be cheaperThere’s been a huge rise in the cost of software and hardware in the last few years, from the likes of Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s Siri to Microsoft’s Cortana.

This trend is partly the result of the rise of AI, which makes it much cheaper to build and maintain software.

The price of AI has risen from $30,000 to $400,000 in the past three years alone, according to Statista.3.

It doesn’t take up spaceThe cloud is a giant warehouse, and it’s one of the few places where machines are able to do things that humans can’t.

It also offers many other advantages, including the ability to work remotely from anywhere.

A recent report from the World Economic Forum found that the number of jobs that require a physical workspace is set to double in the next two decades.4.

It means a lot of jobsAre there many jobs that will remain automated in the near future?

No, not really.

In a report for the National Bureau of Economic Research, the McKinsey Global Institute found that automation is going to “significantly reduce” the number and size of the jobs in the US economy.

In other words, there are fewer people in the workforce that are being “unleashed” by AI.5.

It’ll make us smarterWe’re already starting to see the impact of AI on our daily lives.

Take Google Maps.

As Google’s Chief Economist Brian Murphy has noted, AI is changing how we use maps, giving people the ability “to see, hear and experience places they wouldn’t otherwise see.”

Google has been working with local governments to help them make smarter decisions about where to place their cars, to make it easier for people to access health care and education services.

It recently partnered with the US Department of Transportation to develop a program to enable people to find parking for free on the street.

That program has already saved more than 20 million hours of driving time, according the Transportation Department.

There’s plenty of potential for more of this kind of thing.

In fact, the US government is already working to enable AI to “enhance and accelerate” jobs.

The US Department, in partnership with the private sector, has created a pilot project called “Google for Work,” which will allow businesses to offer their employees an AI-driven, cloud-based work experience.

Google, for its part, has also been working to make its software easier to use for new users, such as those with disabilities.

Its “Android Auto” has already been installed on nearly 30 million cars in the United States, and the company is looking to bring this program to more cars in coming years.

There are also signs that AI is going beyond its immediate uses, into more mundane tasks.

The technology powering Google Maps, for example, is used by more than 70 million people to make street maps of their neighborhoods.

And the company recently launched its own voice-controlled assistant called Cortana, which is being used by millions of US consumers.

These kinds of AI tools could be very useful for many industries, but they are also likely to have an impact on many of our everyday lives.

In the coming years, we’ll likely see AI become more commonplace, allowing for new kinds of products to be built and more products to become available to people.

For now, however, the hype is going too far.

Artificial intelligence is still a long way from being commonplace.

But it could very well change our lives for the better in the coming decades.

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