Artificial intelligence will be developed by a South African university, the country’s science and technology minister has said.

The minister of science and technical innovation, Malusi Gigaba, said at a press conference that the National Research and Training Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Engineering (NRTEAIBE) would build and launch an AI university in 2019.

“We have set the date of 2019 for this,” he said.

“This is a very important step in the development of AI.”

The university would be part of a network of research institutions, and Gigaba said that the research centre would be linked to other universities.

“This will be a national university and the university will have all the research resources of the country.

This is a national research centre.”

Gigaba said the centre would use artificial intelligence and biometric technology to analyse how people use the internet and other media.

He said that by developing a research university in the South African province of Natal, the government was aiming to create jobs and improve living standards.

The government also plans to expand research at universities in the country, which are in a financial crisis.

Natal is home to a number of tech giants, including Google, Facebook and Samsung.

It is a key manufacturing hub for South Africa, but it also has an ageing population.

South Africa is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Gigabe said he hoped to see the country prosper in the future.

“If we keep on pushing, we will see South Africa prosper,” he added.

“I’m very hopeful about the future.”

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