Artificial intelligence is not a term that can be applied to anything but the artificial intelligence community.

For a while now, AI has been a buzzword that has been used to describe the advancement of the technology.

For instance, the US National Science Foundation awarded $100 million to the University of Michigan, which has been studying the problem of intelligent machines for over a decade.

It was reported that IBM is investing $100 billion in artificial intelligence research.

The Indian government has also been trying to bring in artificial intelligent technologies to its state.

Recently, the government has announced that it is developing an AI platform for the digital economy, known as AIB-20, with the aim of enabling startups and startups with limited resources to invest in the technology and to create jobs in the country.

In a recent meeting with AIB, AIB president Vishal Sikka had said that he would like to see AIB becoming an AI agency.

The minister of state for IT and IT services, Vijay Sivan, said earlier that AIB would be creating a platform that would allow companies to build and test their AI applications.

Sivan had also said that a platform like AIB should have at least 20-25 employees and that he wanted to recruit 100-200 engineers to build the platform.

“We will also create an AI-enabled platform to enable companies to develop AI applications in the next three years,” Sivan had said.AIB, which is a member of the Centre for AI and Robotics, is a private company which is currently looking at ways to develop a platform to build an AI app for India.

In its recent submission, AIA had claimed that there were several Indian companies that were able to build a platform for developing AI applications, including AIB and AIA.

AIB had also claimed that it had more than 100 employees who are developing its platform.

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