The NFL has always had an interesting way of keeping tabs on its own players.

As long as the players were under contract, there was little oversight from league owners, and a lot of it was done behind closed doors.

But now, as the league moves toward a more open system, a new, more transparent approach has become more common.

We spoke to league insiders about what the new rankings means for the future of the league and how they think the rankings will affect the NFL.

The Associated Press has more on the NFL and its latest rankings.1.

How much have we learned?

Since the beginning, the NFL has been a secretive place, a place where it’s easy to get caught up in the game and forget that there are other players who are watching.

It also has its share of scandals, like the Ray Rice domestic violence case and the Michael Jackson video, and it’s no secret that the league is struggling financially.

But as more and more players come forward to talk about their struggles with substance abuse and other issues, the league has been forced to take a hard look at itself.

In 2018, the commissioner and the head of the NFL Players Association announced that they would be instituting a new set of measures to make sure players don’t make bad decisions.

The goal was to cut down on substance abuse, but it didn’t do much to change how players view the game, which has long been viewed as a dangerous, addictive sport.

Instead, they’re trying to figure out ways to get players to talk more openly about what they’re feeling and how to improve.2.

How big is the change?

While the NFL is taking steps to make its system more transparent, the changes are also starting to affect players more broadly.

According to the league’s most recent salary cap report, which is due out in October, players will see a $13.8 billion increase this season in their base salaries and an additional $4.8 million for each of the next three years.

That’s a $3 billion jump from the previous year.

That increase also comes with a slight decrease in players’ overall pay, which was up by $3.6 million to $6.1 million.

This increase is partly offset by the $3 million in increases for some of the players’ contracts.

The new salary cap is $123 million, so it would be easy to overstate the impact of the salary cap increase.

However, this number will also show that players have been paid a lot more than they were under the previous system.3.

What’s next?

As the changes continue to impact players, the next step is to see if they have a similar impact on the fans.

The players’ union said that the salary increases will help keep the fans happy, but the numbers may be a little lower.

For instance, the increase in salaries for the quarterbacks in 2018 is about $2.5 million, while the increase for quarterbacks in 2019 is $1.3 million.

The next step would be for the NFLPA to make a claim to have been unfairly paid.

This is the biggest issue, because the players will get paid less than they did under the old system.

The NFLPA will also have to file a lawsuit to get a better return on its investment in player salaries.4.

Which players will be hurt the most?

The biggest impact on players’ salaries will come from quarterbacks.

The quarterbacks will see an increase in their overall base salaries, but that increase will be smaller than it was last year, according the union.

The biggest change is for wide receivers.

The union has said that wide receivers will see the biggest increases in their salary caps.

The wide receivers were supposed to receive $1 million per season last year and $1,600 in 2018, but they were instead bumped up to $2 million in 2019.

The money is still coming in, but if the players have to go up in value to make up the difference, that could hurt them.

The other big impact will come for tight ends.

The unions has said tight ends will see their base pay jumps by $500,000, but those jumps will be much smaller.

The $1 billion increases for the tight ends are mostly coming from the increase to the tight end salary cap.5.

Will it be enough?

The $3,938,500 that the NFL took away from its players in 2018 will not be going back to the players in 2019 because of the new system.

It will instead go to the union and the players.

The owners are already saying that the players can get more.

“You don’t have to be in the NFL to be a player in the league,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

“What we are doing is making sure we have enough money to pay the players, so they

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