Posted September 23, 2018 07:38:03The future of AI could look a lot like the past, according to the chief executive of the UK’s largest AI company.

Speaking at a recent conference, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said AI is “already in the machine learning and decision-making world”, which is where robots are currently being built.

“I think AI is already in the decision-maker and decision processing world.

The question is: are we going to be the ones building the machines that will take over the world?” he said.”

The AI that we are building for humans will be the one that is able to solve problems in a way that we can understand, and we will be able to predict what will happen, and I think we can predict that AI will be a lot more intelligent than it is right now.”

The technology being built for AI could be the basis for robots that take over more of the world, such as those already deployed in supermarkets and the healthcare sector, and which could eventually be used to replace humans in jobs that are not automated.

But how will AI interact with people, and if it can truly make people human, Sir Berners, who died in August aged 87, told the crowd.

“When it comes to AI, I think it is already at the point where we can imagine machines having a very human experience,” he said, before asking: “Are we going back to the past when we say: ‘This is a machine that can make you feel good’?

I don’t think so.”

He said AI was already in some of the areas where it would be good to take care of us, such in the care of the elderly and the disabled.

“It will be good for people, but I think that we will also see it in the future in a lot of things that it is good for, in healthcare, for the elderly, for people who are disabled,” he added.

“We will see that the way that AI is being used is going to affect the world in ways that we do not know yet.”‘AI is in the control room’But if AI were truly intelligent, what could it do?

The conference also focused on the technology being developed by artificial intelligence firm, DeepMind, and its work to create a computer that can read the thoughts of humans and understand what they say, as well as the potential impact of AI on our relationship with each other.

The conference was attended by a number of industry leaders including IBM’s chairman, Ginni Rometty, Microsoft’s chief technology officer, Satya Nadella, and Tesla’s chief technical officer, JB Straubel.

The BBC also reported that Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, has a long history of using AI in the design of products, including a robotic arm and a robot vacuum cleaner.

The technology is already being used by Google to help people with disabilities to do things like find their way home, but its possible that it could be used in other areas as well.

“There is a huge amount of research that’s been done into using AI to help solve problems, and so it could in some way be used for that,” said Prof John Goglia, the director of Oxford University’s AI Laboratory.

“But I think there’s also the question of how we use AI for its own purposes and what it’s doing for us.”

In some ways, AI is in control of the machines, but in other ways it’s in control by people.

“Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A robot vacuum cleaning robot uses Google’s neural network to analyse its surroundingsImage caption Google’s AI lab, pictured here, has been using neural networks to create artificial intelligence technology for yearsSource: BBC News

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