I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months learning how to wear a pair of artificial intelligence earbud headphones, a task that can be surprisingly daunting.

If you’re like me, you’re familiar with the idea of wearing a pair for hours, days, or even weeks at a time without ever really getting comfortable.

But with the advent of smartwatches, the world is moving toward becoming more and more comfortable with wearing a smartwatch.

And if you’re not a fan of the idea, there’s one very easy way to buy them without spending a fortune. 

And while the earbudge’s creators, DeepMind, aren’t just making a fun toy for the masses, they’re making a device that can help a lot more people.

In this week’s issue of the magazine, the company shares some tips for getting started with a smartwatcher, from how to customize them to how to buy the best one for you.

And while you might want to consider the product for yourself, you can also check out DeepMind’s advice for how to find the best earbuddy for you, with some of the company’s own research as well.

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Read moreRead moreIf you want to buy your first smartwatch, you may want to check out the most popular models: The Pebble Time, which is $200 and costs $100; the Pebble Time Steel, which costs $250 and costs just $100 more; and the Pebble Steel 2, which cost $350 and costs nearly twice as much.

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