Teaching your child how to make a computer program more like a human is not as easy as teaching your child English or writing.

But, it is possible, thanks to research in the Journal of Learning Disabilities.

It all began when a student named Jody Kossler was studying artificial intelligence at Tufts University.

Kossler, then just a senior, was having trouble reading text in an online chat.

When she tried to look up an article, she got the message: ‘This article is not available.’

Kosslers first thought that it might be a bug, but later learned that the error was a bug in the text parsing.

As she got more interested in learning to read, she realized that she could easily improve her understanding of a text by understanding what the error meant.

When she learned that error messages were automatically logged into her computer’s text parsing software, she began to ask her computer if it was a problem with the program.

It had been in a state that was a bit different from the default, so she checked the logs and found that the text was reading well.

The next step was to find out how the computer had interpreted the error.

After a couple of months of testing, Kosslers team came up with a solution: A program called the KossLER program.

The program is a graphical user interface that can teach a computer how to read text.

It does not ask the user to understand what the text means.

Instead, it asks the computer what it means.

The KossLERS program is designed to make the program easier to use for children, especially young children.

The program was developed by Kosss students at Tuft University.

The team had originally designed the program as a way to help students understand how their computers were performing in the real world.

But the students found that it also helped them to teach their computers to understand text in a more human way.

When they asked their students how their computer could do this, the computers had a harder time understanding text.

When they compared the results with the results of the text understanding program, the students learned to understand the text much more clearly and more quickly.

The researchers found that when the students were asked what they thought was the text, the program answered, ‘The sentence was a question.’KOSSLER is a combination of computer language and the human brain, which is what Kosses students learned in the first place.

The KossLLER program, they found, could be used to teach children how to use computer language.KOSSERS students created an extension of the KOSSLER program to teach a program called GAP (Global Access Point) which was also designed to help computer programs.

The GAP program was designed to connect computers to computers, and the students had designed it to connect their computers with other computers.

The GAP extension could be implemented on any computer and was written in a number of languages.

The students found it to be easier to understand and much easier to learn, particularly when using the program to interact with other people.

“The GAPP extension can be used as an extension to the KLLER language to help children learn to understand computer programs,” the researchers wrote.

“We believe the KLOSSERS language is the most effective way to teach computers to read and understand text, as well as to teach human beings how to interpret text.”

“This is a very significant step forward in helping children learn the importance of reading text and using the human mind to create a computer-controlled system that is useful for learning to use computers,” said Robert Kopp, co-author of the study and director of the Computational Language Center at Tuubuhl College of Engineering.

“The KOSSERS system allows children to learn to read without having to understand how computers work.”

Students in the study who had learned to read using the KISSLER language learned to use a computer more quickly and accurately than those who had not.

Kohns team hopes to see the KLSER language used in classrooms around the world.

The study was published in the journal Science Advances.

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