Artificial intelligence company bain, which makes AI tools for companies like Uber, says it will look to expand its services beyond transportation to healthcare and retail.

It announced the move Tuesday, saying it will use AI technology to make its own products and provide more insight into consumer habits.

The company said its initial focus is on healthcare, but it is also looking to develop the AI technology needed to help with retail.

In addition to being the first AI company to be publicly listed, bain was founded in 2014 by a team of Stanford computer scientists and AI researchers led by the University of California, Berkeley, PhD student Alexey V. Svetlok.

The team is also backed by billionaire Peter Thiel, who recently bought out rival Baidu, one of the top Internet search engines.

The acquisition of bain comes as companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook continue to expand their AI capabilities and focus on the big picture.

Baidus CEO David Drummond said in a statement that bain will “go beyond serving the transportation industry to help other industries and our customers get more efficient and secure with our AI solutions.”

He added that the AI will be used in areas like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and financial analysis.

The bain announcement comes on the heels of another AI company, DeepMind, announcing a $2 billion acquisition of a startup that makes machine learning software that can learn and act on data.

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter.

 DeepMind is also working on a $100 billion AI investment to build a new version of the DeepMind AI system that can help in more than 70 percent of all scientific research.

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