A wave of artificial intelligence is sweeping the world and could transform how we work, live and play, according to an industry-funded report.

The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI) said in a report published in the journal IEEE Spectrum that the trend is changing industries and services in a way that threatens traditional job-based services.

In a nutshell, AI will replace humans, and jobs that rely on skills, such as sales and customer service, will be lost, it said.

“We are seeing a lot of AI innovation today that could be disruptive to the way we do business, whether it’s on a sales side or a customer service side, to our products and services,” said Airi’s senior vice president of research and development, Mark Johnson.

“Companies are looking at ways to automate and automate jobs that they previously did,” he added.

The report looked at 20 technologies and suggested that these innovations could “reinvigorate jobs”, as well as create “a whole new generation of people”.

The research group has partnered with some of the world’s leading technology companies to develop its report, which was presented at the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) annual conference in Las Vegas last week.

ACM, the world research, technology and education organisation, launched the initiative in June with the goal of identifying new technologies and services that could “change the way people work, shop and play”, the organisation said in its annual report.

“AI and robotics could create a whole new industry, with the potential to transform our lives,” the organisation’s president and CEO, Tom Gundersen, told Al Jazeera.

“There’s an opportunity to revolutionise how we live, work and play.”

The AI report said that artificial intelligence and robotics are taking over the world, but the challenge is to get them to work well.

AI will be used in everything from self-driving cars to robots to make medical diagnoses Artificial intelligence will be needed in the workplace as well.

The new wave is seen as “a major threat to traditional jobs”, the report said.

That includes those that rely heavily on skills such as driving, cleaning, cooking, and office work.

“A lot of those tasks are being outsourced to machines that are doing more than just ‘driving’,” said Airis CEO Johnson.

The technology could be used for everything from autonomous vehicles to self-balancing robots, he added, which would mean that “people will be able to walk in a restaurant and not have to worry about a wheelchair.”

However, Johnson cautioned that the technology is not yet in a “safe state”.

“I think it is not safe to say that this is the end of human work in the future,” he said.

Artificial intelligence and robots have a number of potential uses.

“These technologies will allow us to get around the challenges of running a factory and making products and people are looking to automate a lot more of those jobs,” said Johnson.

It is not just automated work that is being replaced by robots.

“The next generation of robots will be intelligent, capable of learning and learning from experience, and will be capable of working alongside humans to perform complex tasks,” he explained.

That is “not only great for jobs that require a lot in terms of skill, but also for jobs where there’s a lot to be done.”

The report suggested that robots could be programmed to be more effective than humans in certain tasks.

“Robots are becoming increasingly intelligent, as they learn from their training and become more able to learn from each other,” said the report.

In particular, the research group pointed to a trend in the auto industry.

“When a robot can do a human job, then we can use them to perform that human task,” Johnson said.

The study said that automated vehicle automation could allow people to do things that would have taken years to achieve on their own.

“Automated vehicles could be driven more effectively, but still, humans still have to go out into the field, look for the right jobs, make sure that people have food and water and fuel and clothing and all the other stuff that we humans need,” Johnson added.

Artificial Intelligence: A wave is sweeping through the world Artificial intelligence has “become a pervasive part of everyday life”, according to the report, and companies are looking for ways to use it to help them automate tasks and improve their business.

Artificial intelligent systems can be programmed for tasks that require human expertise.

This is “especially true for those tasks where the human is in charge,” said John Gatto, the chairman of the board of the Association of Computing Machineries.

“With this technology, if you can do it, you should be able do it,” he told Aljazeera.

The industry is already”

In general, this will lead to the elimination of human jobs, as people are no longer needed to do these tasks.”

The industry is already

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