Google has released a new blog post to announce a new API that developers can use to create a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to interact with humans.

Google has created an artificial intelligence chatbot to chat with its customers.

The AI bot will have to be able to understand English and be able talk to the person using it.

Google says it is also adding “a handful of other features,” like an in-app messaging feature and “automatic chat.”

The chatbot will be available for developers to create their own AI chatbots.

The new API was announced in December at Google I/O 2017, when Google said it would be open sourced in March 2018.

Google is now releasing the API to the public in an open source format, so anyone can try out the bot and create a bot that they can then use to chat.

Google’s AI chatbot API lets developers use Google’s Google Cloud APIs to create bots that can be used to chat or to communicate with people who are using Google services.

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