IBM has released a new AI system that can identify human faces in photos, and is already being used by some companies to help with social engineering.

In an article on TechCrunch, AI researcher and CEO Brad Feldstein said he wanted to see more applications from IBM AI.

The system can identify the faces of people based on facial features like eye color, cheekbones, hair color, and facial hair.

The AI system is being used in conjunction with the Face Recognition service, which was recently shut down after a hack in which it used the system to try to figure out a person’s age.

The service is still being used today by companies to determine if someone is the right age.

It was also used to help police officers track down suspects in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“We were able to figure that out based on the person’s face that was captured in a photo,” Feldstein told TechCrunch.

The Face Recognization service is based on a technology called FaceNet.

This technology can recognize faces in real time, using images captured by cameras in the real world, as well as images stored on cloud servers.

But the company says it has already made progress in this area, and now it is using this technology to identify faces in photographs.

“This technology can identify faces based on face features like eyes, cheekbone, hair, and nose color,” Feldsten said.

“When we used FaceNet to analyze face data from more than 60,000 facial images, we were able find over 4 million faces in the photos.”

This was the first time that IBM has used a face recognition technology to create an artificial intelligence system, and the company is working on a system to create other types of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and speech recognition.

“FaceNet has been used in many projects in the field, including the detection of faces from photos and video,” Feldsstein said.

“[But] this technology has also been used to analyze images and videos of people for criminal investigations.”

In addition to face recognition, the IBM AI system can also analyze videos for video content, to help determine the time of day a person was photographed.

The company said this technology can analyze videos of photos for videos of the same person, to see how the photos have changed over time.

“As a result, the system can automatically learn to recognize the faces in videos by analyzing their motion and lighting,” Feldson said.

In other words, the AI system knows the face of a person based on their facial features.

“The machine learning can also recognize the face in videos if the video has been recorded at the same time, and we can use this to infer the time that a person has been photographed,” Feldsson said.

The face recognition software can also help determine who the person is, based on how their face looks.

Feldstein described the system as a dinosaur.

“It’s a dinosaur of AI,” Feld said.

There are a lot of companies using AI in various industries, including for financial services and other things, but the system is a new one.

“IBM is taking a dinosaur to the next level,” Feldstein said.

But there is still a long way to go.

“Our technology is still very much in development, and will take a lot more time to improve.

This is a really cool idea that will help us build an AI that will be useful for a wide range of applications.”

IBM also released a blog post explaining the new AI.

This includes a number of demos, including a robot that could identify a human voice, and a face that could be used to identify an individual’s age, and also identify facial features to determine a person, like eye coloring, nose color, etc. The blog post also noted that the AI is currently being used for “human-computer interaction,” a kind of artificial voice recognition, so it will be possible to see this system in action later this year.

You can read the full blog post from IBM here.

The article originally appeared on Tech Crunch.

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