By 2020, AI will have the power to take care of everything from the basics of the human body to the basic functions of the internet, the company predicts.

“We envision AI as a machine that is able to do everything from taking care of basic tasks like cleaning your home to managing large databases and analyzing vast amounts of data,” says Dr. Daniela Bittner, co-founder and CTO of IBM’s AI Research Labs, in a statement.

“It can understand what you are doing and even help you with tasks such as making sure that the fridge is always open or finding the right recipe to make the perfect coffee.

It will do all this without you needing to interact with the machines or interact with a human.”

She notes that the AI system could even work to help with everyday tasks like picking up lost items, like finding a lost pet.

The company says it’s not looking to be the next Google, but rather a “transformational technology” that can help the world in its “complex world.”

It also hopes that AI will “change the way we live, think and think about business,” it says.

The announcement comes as a recent survey showed that a staggering 86 percent of people in the US and the UK have an opinion about AI.

It also comes amid an increased focus on the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

In January, the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a report calling for more than $1 trillion in investments in AI research and development over the next decade.

In February, Google announced that it had created an AI research lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts that aims to “help companies transform how they do research” and “improve the way people think and behave.”

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