Artificial intelligence will be the new paradigm for medicine in the next few decades, and this year, it will make its way into the field of healthcare, a report from McKinsey & Co. has said.AI is already making an impact in health care, and in recent years, the technology has advanced beyond simple medical tasks, and has become the backbone of medical diagnostics and therapeutic interventions.

It’s now possible to automate, and potentially even reverse, the processes involved in diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients.

The McKinsey report suggests that the number of doctors who are trained to use AI to improve patient care will more than double to 10 million by 2020, and the number who are able to use the technology to deliver personalized medicine to all patients will grow by 50 percent.

The report suggests a range of AI-related tasks to be taken into consideration in the delivery of personalized medicine, such as:Innovative use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

The number of AI users is expected to more than triple to more people than in the past five years.

This will include more AI-powered diagnostic tools to help doctors diagnose and treat disease, and a number of tools that can automate the diagnosis and treatment of patients, according to the report.”AI is the new frontier of medicine, and will revolutionise how we diagnose and care for people.

We will need to take our expertise in medicine to the next level to transform the healthcare delivery system,” said John Stahl, co-author of the report and a professor of health care and policy at Harvard Business School.

The rise of AI in healthcare is driven by a convergence of advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

AI systems can be trained to understand what we are looking for and provide us with personalized medicine tailored to our specific needs, Stahl added.

“The more AI you train, the better you can anticipate your patients, and tailor your healthcare for their needs,” he said.

In recent years AI has been used to identify the most common causes of illness in patients, such in detecting heart disease, stroke and cancer, and to predict the severity of disease, according the McKinsey researchers.

The research also suggests that AI-based treatments may one day help patients with cancer, or even prevent them from developing it in the first place.

“We’ve been in the business of making diagnoses for a very long time.

So, we don’t expect AI to be as fast as we’ve been trained to be, but we do expect AI will be more efficient and less expensive than our current diagnostics,” said Robyn Miller, cofounder of AI Research Institute, an AI research organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Miller said the rise of the AI industry could be a boon for doctors, given that they are increasingly under pressure to do more than diagnose and prescribe.

“What we’re going to see is that as we get better at diagnosing and treating disease, that AI will start to be used to do so much more.

And that means we’ll have to focus more on providing personalized care,” she said.

The researchers noted that AI can help with many tasks that doctors are already trained to do, including finding out whether someone has diabetes, or identifying whether they are likely to develop the disease.

In healthcare, AI will play an important role in the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases, and for other diagnostics that are not typically performed by doctors, such a heart rate monitor, for example.

But it could also be used for other tasks, such the diagnosis of mental illness or for the treatment of people with depression, anxiety or addiction.

“So, in healthcare, it could be that you could be able to provide a diagnosis for a patient with a mental illness, or a person who is a heavy drinker, or someone who has a substance abuse problem,” said Miller.

“Or you could have a machine that you have trained, trained for different purposes, that can do different diagnostics.”

For more information, read McKinsey’s report, which was published in the Journal of Health Analytics and Health Services Management.

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