The world has been waiting for the world’s best self-drive car.

The car is called “Asteroid”, and it’s being built by the startup AI Lab.

Its creators have already built a prototype car, and have plans to start testing it out in 2020.

The world can get behind this project because of its promise.

There are so many applications of artificial intelligence that the company says its already “deep learning”, a type of deep learning that uses machine learning.

And the AI Lab’s prototype car is built with an onboard camera, accelerometers and ultrasonic sensors.

But that’s just the start.

The AI Lab is also working on a car with a driverless capability.

But while the car is still a prototype, there’s some very promising technology inside that will be put to the test in 2020, says AI Lab co-founder and chief technology officer Simon Moxon.

“It’s the first real breakthrough in the field of self-autonomous driving, and the company is already working with the government to get it on the road in 2020,” he says.

And it’s all thanks to deep learning, the type of AI technique used to build complex computers.

Mox, who is also the chief operating officer at AI Lab, says that AI Lab will be taking deep learning to a whole new level, which will lead to much more intelligent cars.

“Our aim is to build a car that can actually drive itself, without any human input,” he explains.

And that means autonomous driving.

“The driver will be able to make decisions, and this car will act on the information it has received, or on what it’s told by sensors in the vehicle,” he adds.

“So you’ll be able for example, for example say ‘I want to do a roundabout, I want to turn right, I don’t want to take a wrong turn’.

This is what we’re aiming to do.”

But the company’s vision isn’t limited to autonomous driving; it’s also looking to bring AI closer to humans.

Muxon explains that the AI that is built into the car will also be able do tasks such as reading or analysing data, but will also have the ability to drive itself.

“As AI advances, we’ll be learning new things and we’ll want to bring this AI into our cars, and we’ve already started to do this, and it looks very promising,” he tells TechRadar.

“We’re also looking at self-parking, and how you can use it to help people who are stuck in traffic, or have no other choice.

So this is an incredibly exciting area of AI.”

The company’s first cars are likely to be driven on roads in the US and Europe, but Mox says that other parts of the world are likely also to see AI take over more of their roads.

“There’s going to be some overlap in the way that we do business, and so there’s a lot of opportunities for the industry, and there’s also a lot that the industry has done before, but that we’re looking to do it better,” he concludes.

And with the potential to get an even better AI driverless car than the one that’s already in use on the roads, the world will soon be in for a ride.

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