With more than 500 million dolls available for purchase, dolls are one of the fastest growing segments of the artificial intelligence market.

This year, the market is expected to reach $7 billion.

The dolls are sold as either toys or educational objects, often made with sensors that can monitor people’s emotional state, mood and body language.

They can also help the customer interact with their friends or family members.

But how do you create an AI doll that’s more human-like than your everyday doll?

This year, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Carnegie Mellon Robotics have been developing a new kind of doll called Luna, which has been designed with an eye towards helping customers understand their dolls.

“The doll we designed is a more human looking doll that can understand their owner’s body language, mood, and can make a human-feeling conversation with them,” says Michael Schmitz, a robotics researcher at Carnegie, and one of Luna’s creators.

“You can use a doll to give a robot a little bit of personal space, to encourage them to talk about what they’re experiencing.”

Schmitz says Luna has a lot of similarities to other dolls that have been designed in the past, including a doll that looks like a typical adult, and an avatar doll that has more personality and personality than a typical doll.

Luna will only work in virtual reality and will only be available to purchase from Amazon, but the research group hopes that Luna will eventually find its way into stores as a virtual-reality toy.

Lunesh Rangan, a professor of robotics and human-computer interaction at Carnegie and the LUNAR group’s first research advisor, says Lunar’s dolls will not only help children understand their doll, but also encourage the dolls to understand the people they’re interacting with.

“Dolls that interact with people are a very natural fit in a virtual world because people are very human,” Rangan says.

“We want to make sure that the doll we design will be as natural as human-looking dolls.”

In an attempt to make Luna more like the real world, the researchers have designed a new robot to imitate the physical attributes of human skin, making it look more like an actual human.

Lunar is a two-dimensional robot that can move, walk and use facial recognition software to recognize facial expressions and body gestures, and also use a variety of different gestures to interact with its owner.

Luna uses a laser scanner and facial recognition technology to figure out the person’s facial expressions, and it will use facial tracking software to analyze the movements of the person as they walk and talk.

Lunaria will also learn to mimic the physical characteristics of people, such as clothing and facial expressions.

“It’s very similar to what we see in people,” Ranga says.

“They’re like the faces of people that we see.”

Luna is scheduled to go on sale to the public on July 12.

Rangan hopes that with the right doll, Luna can help people understand how they’re being interacted with and that people can then create more realistic virtual dolls that are similar to real people.

The research team is also looking into ways to use Luna in more complex ways.

Ranga has been designing Luna to be able to interact directly with the people that it’s interacting with, and they’re also planning to design more advanced systems for Luna that will be able make real-time decisions for Lunarians.

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