Artificial intelligence (AI) is already in the driving seat in some industries, but there’s an increasing appetite for it in others.

Here are some of the key areas where AI is shaping the future of business.


Health care As AI makes its way into healthcare, we’re seeing AI-powered systems becoming increasingly capable of analysing and predicting disease progression.

That could have a big impact on how doctors and nurses use AI to keep tabs on their patients.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are taking the idea one step further, using AI to help doctors diagnose their patients’ underlying health conditions.


Digital transformation A recent study found that the number of organisations in Britain employing digital transformation (DCT) has nearly doubled over the last three years, with firms employing more than 10,000 people.

And, while digital transformation is an emerging area for businesses, it’s also ripe for AI. 3.

Education This is the area where AI could have the biggest impact on students.

A recent survey found that AI is now the preferred method for teaching computer science to new teachers.

It’s also predicted that by 2025, more than a quarter of UK schools will employ AI-based learning.


Transportation As we age, we need to keep our health and wellbeing in mind.

And AI-driven systems are already using the power of machine learning to improve transport systems.

A new company called Digital Transport Solutions (DTES) is using AI and machine learning in order to help drivers find their way around.


Security This is one of the areas where the biggest changes in technology are coming from the AI-focused sector.

In the last year, a number of startups have taken the idea of “deep learning” and developed software that can “learn” from the patterns in pictures, videos and other digital assets.


Digital marketing and branding A number of recent projects have used AI to automate the marketing of their products and services, and it’s not just in the tech sector.

A number other industries are taking AI to new heights, with Uber and Spotify using it to predict the best time to take a selfie.


Healthcare AI is already used to improve the efficiency of hospitals, but it’s already helping doctors understand how to diagnose and treat their patients, so it’s only a matter of time before AI-enabled systems are able to make even more use of its power.


Transport There are a number companies using AI- and machine-learning to provide transportation services for clients.

For example, Uber has recently introduced its own AI-generated maps and algorithms to help its drivers find the right route to pick up their passengers.


Healthcare and logistics AI is also being used to help people navigate through their own healthcare systems.

Uber is using its own data to help make its own recommendations to doctors about which hospital they should visit next.


Manufacturing, retail, hospitality and hospitality companies A number companies are now using AI in their supply chain to improve efficiency, as well as improving customer service.

For instance, Walmart and Burger King are using AI tools to predict whether they can sell food faster or cheaper in the future.


Health, law and education A recent report from Deloitte found that as AI-derived tools become more sophisticated, they’re being used more and more in law and health professions, with machine learning being used in medicine and nursing to assess patients’ conditions.


Technology companies A growing number of companies are also using AI technology to improve customer service, improve productivity and boost their bottom line.

For companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon, this is about finding better ways to provide better services to customers.


Banking A growing percentage of businesses are using machine learning and AI to make better decisions about who to hire, what to invest in and who to share their money with.

In fact, the number the world over is now using machines to make decisions about how they’ll spend their money.


Government and politics The UK is now a leader in using AI for government work, with AI systems being used across government agencies, including the Office of the Public Advocate, the Electoral Commission and the Ministry of Justice.


Retail giants The number of UK companies using machine-learned models in order for them to do business with customers is rapidly increasing.

Amazon, for example, is using machine intelligence to identify products that customers are most likely to like, while Apple is using it for shopping and app discovery.


Government The number one use of machine-generated AI in government is to help government departments analyse the public’s input into policy decisions.

The Department of Health is using machines in its National Survey of Public Health and well as helping the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) develop new strategies to reduce the impact of climate change.


Healthcare A number UK government departments are using technology to better monitor patients and their conditions, and that’s where AI comes in.

A team of researchers at King’s College London used machine learning technology to analyse the data collected from a

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