The machines are outsmarting the human beings who are supposed to be in charge of our lives, and in doing so, they’re changing how we live.

A new report says that machine learning will be used in every industry and in every product that comes out of this technology, from self-driving cars to robots that help people with disabilities.

The report by the technology company Accenture says that in 2017, the number of jobs that require a high degree of artificial intelligence surpassed the number that do not.

It also said that the number with a large amount of AI will grow to nearly 50 percent of all jobs by 2020.

While it’s a new area of research, the report notes that machine intelligence has already played a major role in improving everything from the accuracy of weather forecasts to the efficiency of financial transactions.

The AI industry has grown rapidly, with the likes of Microsoft and Google dominating the market.

But Accenture estimates that AI is already responsible for about $6 trillion in annual revenue for the U.S. economy.

The companies that will be the beneficiaries of AI are mostly big corporations.

Accenture said that companies in the field of healthcare and logistics are expecting AI to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs, as well as improve their customer service.

The report also points to the benefits of AI for education, healthcare, and technology.

While AI is helping companies to improve products and services, it’s also driving the rise of artificial general intelligence, which can be used to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of other technologies.

In the past few years, machine learning has become increasingly popular, with companies including Google and Amazon using the technology to improve online video.

In addition to AI, companies like Amazon and Tesla are using AI to help improve the way they manage their warehouses.

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