As you can imagine, the copyright office is not exactly happy with the way the film industry is handling the issue.

“We don’t want to be too dramatic, but we’re very concerned about this,” said Marcia Lang, spokesperson for the Copyright Office of Canada.

Lang says the Copyright Act requires that film companies make sure their works are in the public domain before they’re distributed and distributed, even if they’re a movie.

She says they need to get their work in front of the public before they are distributed.

She also says that the act is also asking for information about the copyright holder.

“It’s asking for the name, the address of the copyright owner and the date that the work was created,” Lang said.

So what does that mean?

Lang says if the work is in the Public Domain and the copyright is owned by the owner, the work can’t be copied.

The Copyright Office says the copyright does not protect the creation of derivative works, such as music or other works.

It also says it doesn’t protect original works that are made available for distribution by a third party.

Copyright law is complicated, so Lang says it is a good idea to find out if the copyright you are using has a specific definition and if it applies to your work.

The copyright is also important for what happens when the work comes out of the film company’s production pipeline.

Lang said she has seen a lot of confusion around the question of whether or not the copyright extends to the film’s release.

“They’re going to take a movie out of production.

It may not be in the film itself,” Lang explained.

“But if it’s not in production, it will have the rights to it.”

If you have a problem with the Copyright office’s request for information, Lang recommends contacting the Canadian Copyright Information Centre.

She said you can reach the office by calling 1-800-CIC-CANADA.

If you are concerned that your work may not meet the definition of a copyright, Lang said the Copyright Board of Canada has a website where you can learn more about how to get copyright information.

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