Inside the virtual wall to keep them out of your home and office.

This week, we talked to the people who are working to protect your privacy.

It’s not just about what’s in your home.

It is about what you’re putting on the internet.

We are constantly learning about technology and what it can do to your life.

We can’t control what other people are doing, but we can certainly protect ourselves.

We need to take responsibility for the way we use technology.

What do you think about the rise of ‘smart home’ technology and smart homes?

Let us know on Twitter: @latimestweet If you are an Android user: tweet @latime with the hashtag #AndroidOS.

Or use #Android #smarthome, #smartthings, #toybox, or #smarttv to show your support.

And, if you’re a smartphone user: use #android on Twitter to show how you use your smartphone, not just on your phone.

Let us continue to hear your ideas and your opinions.

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