The artificial intelligence market is worth $30 billion a year, but that figure does not include companies building systems that can take on tasks such as driving a car, reading an email, and answering a call.

While these services have grown rapidly in recent years, the amount of revenue they generate is far smaller than that of services like Google’s Google Assistant, Facebook’s AI assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa.

For example, the Alexa and Google Assistant services have more than a billion monthly active users, while Amazon’s voice-activated assistant Alexa has more than 4 billion monthly users.

The industry is also not as crowded as the automotive sector, which is dominated by large corporations.

There are more than 200 companies in the artificial intelligence space, according to data from research firm Gartner.

But the average valuation of these companies is only $4.4 billion.

The problem, as it stands, is that these companies have not built a system that can tackle the many tasks that AI is expected to perform well.

In the automotive industry, one of the biggest barriers to AI development is the limited amount of time that autonomous cars have to take to make it to market.

In this context, Google’s recent acquisition of DeepMind Technologies is an important development.

DeepMind, a Google-owned AI research and development company, has worked with automakers to build systems that have been capable of driving self-driving cars.

These systems have been used in self-parking systems and other applications.

But as the industry has expanded, there are also more questions about how autonomous cars will perform in real-world scenarios.

“In terms of what you want to do, and how well, in the real world, the software is very, very limited,” said Jonathan Bailenson, a professor at the Carnegie Mellon University.

“There is no way for the systems to be able to anticipate situations.”

The companies that have developed the best AI solutions for cars have also focused on the areas where AI will be most useful.

“The big companies have focused on building systems which are very robust,” Bailerson said.

“These systems will be able [to] deal with more complex problems.

The problem is, that is a very limited number of problems.”

For example, if you want a system to help you navigate a parking garage, you might need to know where all the elevators are and how far up the escalators you need to go.

A system built for the parking garage might not be able at this point to help a driver navigate an escalator to get to a higher level.

The companies building self-driven cars also have focused in on specific tasks that will be the most important to drivers in the future.

“I think what they’ve done is they’ve taken what is going to be the next big task, like autonomous driving, and they’ve put that into a machine that is extremely robust,” said Bailinson.

“It’s very easy to build a self-propelled car.

But what they haven’t done is designed a system which will be robust enough to deal with this next problem.”

There are a few notable exceptions.

Ford’s self-drive program, for example, has been able to learn from its own experiences and make changes to its systems in order to help its driver navigate the parking lots of its new Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles.

Bailening says the car company has also built a self, driven car that is more accurate and efficient.

The company has made improvements to the software that allows its systems to drive itself in certain situations, such as when it encounters obstacles such as snow or icy road conditions.

Ford also has developed an autonomous vehicle that is designed to help drivers navigate narrow streets.

In fact, the car has been equipped with cameras that can see around corners to help it make better decisions.

The technology behind these systems is often called adaptive cruise control, and it is designed so that the car can navigate around obstacles in a way that it would be unable to if it were driving on its own.

Autonomous driving is an industry-wide effort.

Bailingenson said that Ford is the only company that has built a vehicle that can autonomously navigate through narrow streets, such that it can make decisions based on its knowledge of where the obstacles are and when to stop.

“What it is really all about is getting the cars to be much smarter,” he said.

As for Uber, the company has invested heavily in its self-Driving program, building systems to make sure its drivers are aware of all the different types of traffic around them and to make the most of the available real-time data.

Uber has also developed software that lets its cars navigate other vehicles, such a taxi or limousine.

Bealingon said that the company is working on the technology that will help its drivers navigate more complex situations, like when it comes to navigating an overpass.

“You have to be very aware of the environment around you,” Bealingen said. It’s

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