By 2025, artificial intelligence (AI) will be a key part of every human-centric business, from manufacturing to medicine, and from healthcare to finance, according to an analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”AI is about getting smarter at work, driving smarter, and making better decisions,” says Peter B. Neumann, professor of computer science at Cornell University and the co-author of the study.

“The AI market is already $100 billion-plus, and it’s getting bigger.

In the next decade, AI will account for about 80 percent of the market.”

For a full list of AI predictions, see our list of the most powerful AI predictions in 2018.

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly important part of our daily lives, and as more and more people become connected with machines, AI has become the most important economic driver, says Berenice B. Smith, a professor at Georgetown University.

In her research, she uses data to examine the relationship between the value of AI, as a tool for solving complex problems, and the cost of employing AI to solve complex problems.

Articulate, intelligent and human”Artificial Intelligence is a highly productive technology.

It can be used in a wide variety of industries, from healthcare and transportation to manufacturing and even law enforcement and education.

It has the potential to create a lot of jobs, but its ability to make people feel better about their jobs is one of the biggest challenges,” says Smith.

Artics are machines that have the ability to learn and perform tasks that humans would struggle to do alone.

They are often referred to as intelligent agents.

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