The new wave of AI systems is disrupting what we watch, and the companies that build and market them want you to know it.

But can the companies really predict the future?

Or will it be as much about what’s already there as what’s coming up?

We caught up with three of the world’s leading AI experts to find out.

Here’s what we learned:• Artificial Intelligence: Will It Be a Good Product?• How AI will change our lives and the way we interact with others.• What it means for consumers.• Will AI be able to tell us about the future of the human race?• What the experts think about the risks and opportunities of AI.• AI is about more than just reading the news.

It is about the way people think, how they behave and how they interact.• How artificial-intelligence technologies are changing the way businesses operate.

Read more about artificial intelligence and what it means to the future.

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