The AI startup has unveiled a new “artificial-intelligence-powered” refrigerator that can read and answer your questions, such as what kind of food you’d like to order, and what you’d prefer in a drink.

It’s an all-in-one solution to the question of what kind, and how much, you want from a restaurant.

Nestle has been working on a fridge that will be able to “see, respond and respond to your requests” to make it easier to keep track of what’s in the fridge.

The AI, which can understand a large range of topics, is being developed by its AI research lab, Nestlé’s Research Labs.

It will also be able “provide contextual information such as the price of a product to assist you in deciding what to buy,” Nestle said.NESTLE is developing a refrigerated kitchen, but this fridge will be powered by artificial intelligence and be able take on your questions.

The AI will also “learn the nuances of the customer’s question and respond appropriately”, Nestle added.

The fridge is being built on an open platform of AI that is being piloted by a team of AI scientists.

Nesterov says the AI has been trained to understand customer preferences, and it’s now being used to understand customers’ questions, and then offer solutions to them.

This fridge will “provides contextual information, such a price and the name of the food, which is very helpful in a restaurant,” Nestlé said.

“It can also provide context information like the price and taste of a wine.”

The fridge can also answer customer queries and can “provid the product or service to you”, Nestlé added.

Nesting has been exploring the use of AI to help customers in various areas of the restaurant.

In 2018, Nestle launched an AI called Nestled that is “the world’s first artificial-intelligence powered restaurant,” the Times of Australia reported.

In 2017, Nestled was awarded a $3.8 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture for “a series of projects exploring the application of machine learning in restaurant research and development,” Nestled’s founder and CEO, Daniel Nestler, said.

The research lab has also been working with the University of Oxford to develop a restaurant AI called Aibo that can “learn and recognize patterns from human diners’ behaviour and recommend food to customers,” Nestles said.

“With Aibo, we’re developing a restaurant-specific AI for the restaurant that will work alongside customers,” he added.

“We are building an AI that can predict and adapt to human behaviour.”

Nestled is also working with Nestlé to “develop a new restaurant AI for customers that will also adapt to the changing needs of the industry,” Nestler said.

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